Thursday, September 18, 2014

How to Print From Your Tablet or Smartphone

Handheld devices such as the Smartphone or tablet are the norm these days; few of us seem able to function without these convenient, nifty gadgets. Oftentimes, these become our principal working and communication devices; so it follows that we need to be able to print using tablets and Smartphones. It can help save time and effort, and can be a low cost printing solution as well.

What you can print

In this largely paperless age, where everything seems to be digital, , printing can sometimes be absolutely necessary. After all,  there is much that needs to be printed after all and you can print practically anything that you have on your device like pictures, documents, text, web pages, articles and more.

How to print from your handheld device

Firstly, ensure that your printer is able to print wirelessly. The printer has to be Wi-Fi enabled to do so. The Wi-Fi transceivers built into the printer lets a device detect and recognize it. You have to establish a connection first and then you can send print jobs to the printer. This way you don’t need a dedicated printer for each device and one printer will work to print for several devices; even if those devices are at a distance.

Wireless printing for Android

If you're printing from a device that uses an Android operating system, turn on or enable wireless printing on your device. You will typically need to go to ‘Settings’ and then enable printing or you may need to download a cloud printing applike these free printing apps:
  • The Printer Share Mobile Print App lets you print directly from your Android device via WiFi, Bluetooth, USB or Internet. You can print PDF files, office documents (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), bills, invoices and more.
  • Cloud Print Plus supports Google Cloudprint and lets you print from your mobile. It also lets you share and manage printers, print text messages, print from Facebook, Dropbox, Google Drive, emails, contact printing and more.
You will of course have to check whether the version of your Android supports these apps. Other apps may work better with older versions.

Wireless printing for iTunes

Any AirPrint supported printer will let you print from an iOS device. Configure your printer to use the Air Print app (some will work automatically while others need to be configured) and ensure that the printer is on the same wireless network as the iPhone.

Locate the item you want to print and then select print. Select your printer and tap ‘print’. Similar to Android systems you can also use apps to print wirelessly from your iOS device.
  • ePrint Free supports all iPhone models and iOS up to 7.1.2 version. Print web pages, image files, contacts, albums, notes, and clipboard. It also prints in sepia, Duplex mode and more.
  • The Canon Easy Photo Print app lets you print easily from a compatible Canon printer.
  • The Epson iPrint app lets you print from your iOS device to Epson printers. Check the list of compatible printers to see if yours will work.

The roundabout way to print from a handheld device

This video explains how you can print from any iOS device to any printer via Windows:

Similarly, there are other ways of printing from a tablet or Android device to a regular printer and it doesn’t have to be wireless. You can email yourself a document or a photo from your Smartphone or you can text an SMS. Open the email on the computer that is connected to your printer and then print from there in whatever format you desire.

As you can see, you can print from pretty much any handheld device to any printer,even a regular wired printer, by following one or the other options detailed above. With all that printing you’re going to need a sufficient amount of ink & toner. For the best deals and discount offers subscribe to our mailing list and like us our on Facebook.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Problems with Printing Coupons? Here’s What to Do

Coupons are a smart saver’s best friend. Merchants and online stores offer us all these lovely discounts and/or freebies; why not take advantage of them! Some good online sources for coupons are, SmartSource, RedPlum, Hopster and Common Kindness. While it’s a good idea to use the coupons that you find in your daily newspaper or those that arrive in the mail, it’s also a great idea to use online coupons. This is because you have a much wider choice online; you can find the coupon for the exact store or product you want, print it out and then use it. However, sometimes you could encounter coupon printing issues. Let’s look at some common issues that people face when printing out coupons and their solutions:

Check printer settings

If your coupons are not printing, make sure you’ve performed all the basic checks – are the printer cables properly connected? Is your printer on? Are the print and feeder trays open? Is there paper in the printer, and does your printer know that the paper is there? Print a test page of some sort to ensure that the printer itself is working properly.

Sometimes you may get the message that your “Default Printer is not supported”. To resolve this problem, go to your Control Panel and select the ‘Printers’ option. Then choose your printer, select properties and then go to the ‘Advanced’ tab. Choose the “print directly to printer” option and click OK or apply and your problem should be resolved.

Some coupons still won’t print

So you're giving your print command but the coupon you want isn’t printing. There are several things you can do to correct this:
  • Try using a different browser. If you're using Firefox, try using Internet Explorer or Google Chrome or vice versa. Sometimes just using a different browser could resolve the issue.
  • Another problem could be the version of Java that is installed in your computer. Performing and installing an update should resolve the issue in some cases. You may even get the Java update prompt if this is the case.
  • Check your Firewall. Sometimes an anti virus program installed on your computer may be restricting the coupons from loading or printing properly. The antivirus may be viewing the pop up browser as adware for instance. So disabling the firewall or pausing your antivirus protection for a while could resolve the problem.
  • Also check the settings within your browser. If browser add-ons are turned off, this could be the problem preventing you from printing out your coupon. Pop-ups could also be disabled in your browser; this could prevent the coupons from opening and printing.
  • You browser could also be out of date. Try updating your browser with the latest version and then try again.

Printing from handheld devices

Printing from tablets, smartphones and other handheld devices could sometimes be a problem as well. This is because some websites are not equipped to offer mobile versions of the coupons and may not allow printing. Sometimes it could be that the printer is not equipped to handle this type of networking or wireless printing.

Sometimes Macs have a problem printing coupons

There could be an operating system-browser mismatch that is causing the problem. You could again try switching browsers because a lot of sites don’t currently support IE on Mac machines.

So now that you’ve resolved some of the most common printing problems, go ahead and print coupons to your heart’s content and enjoy some awesome savings! If you're out of ink, shop our store; in particular check out our super-saver options such as our Combo Packs, Wholesale Packs and other offers. Not only that, we offer you great discounts from time to time.

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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Top Desk Exercises You Can Do Everyday

So you have a desk job and you are tied to your desk all day long. You find that you just can’t squeeze out the time to exercise on a regular basis; you probably find it rather frustrating that you cannot find the time and that you're not as physically active as you should be. But there are exercises that you can do right at your desk – exercises that don’t need a jogging track or a gym. These are some moves that will help improve circulation and muscle tone while you work, possibly even make you feel less fatigued and physically stressed.


Stretching is important to prevent  muscles cramping. It also helps to tone muscles. Stretch the neck by rotating it left and right as well as in a circular motion. Stretch the shoulders by shrugging them up toward the ears, stretching them as far back as possible and rotating them in a circular motion. Swivel your upper body 45 degrees from the waist, first to the right and then to the left. Ankle curls, wrist curls, and leg stretches are more moves that will help.  And don’t forget the hands, particularly the fingers. Bunch them up into fists and then quickly open them out. Just a few minutes of stretching will do you a power of good.

Keep moving

Instead of taking the elevator take the stairs. If you have to give a memo to a colleague, don’t email it to them, go over and hand it over personally. Take short breaks – get up and do a little jogging on the spot. You can even do this as you read a report or check your mail. If you're speaking on the phone, get up and take a walk. You don’t have to be seated at your desk to speak on the phone – move around, take a brisk walk around the office or down the hall and back. Oh! And use a hand free set while you're at it, so you can leave your arms free.

Keep the circulation going

Walk lunges, squats, and low impact jumping jacks or even marching on the spot will help keep up your circulation. Stretch your arms above your head and move your torso from side to side bending yourself at the waist. Change your position frequently to free up the leg muscles. Some people even recommend sitting cross legged or in a lotus position for short periods while sitting at the desk. Press the hands together in a Namaste position and press together till you feel it in your arms.

Do these stretches and simple exercises whenever you have a spare minute. Incorporate these into your daily activities; make them a habit and you will find yourself getting that little bit fitter and feeling less fatigued and stiff at the end of the day.

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