Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Top Desk Exercises You Can Do Everyday

So you have a desk job and you are tied to your desk all day long. You find that you just can’t squeeze out the time to exercise on a regular basis; you probably find it rather frustrating that you cannot find the time and that you're not as physically active as you should be. But there are exercises that you can do right at your desk – exercises that don’t need a jogging track or a gym. These are some moves that will help improve circulation and muscle tone while you work, possibly even make you feel less fatigued and physically stressed.


Stretching is important to prevent  muscles cramping. It also helps to tone muscles. Stretch the neck by rotating it left and right as well as in a circular motion. Stretch the shoulders by shrugging them up toward the ears, stretching them as far back as possible and rotating them in a circular motion. Swivel your upper body 45 degrees from the waist, first to the right and then to the left. Ankle curls, wrist curls, and leg stretches are more moves that will help.  And don’t forget the hands, particularly the fingers. Bunch them up into fists and then quickly open them out. Just a few minutes of stretching will do you a power of good.

Keep moving

Instead of taking the elevator take the stairs. If you have to give a memo to a colleague, don’t email it to them, go over and hand it over personally. Take short breaks – get up and do a little jogging on the spot. You can even do this as you read a report or check your mail. If you're speaking on the phone, get up and take a walk. You don’t have to be seated at your desk to speak on the phone – move around, take a brisk walk around the office or down the hall and back. Oh! And use a hand free set while you're at it, so you can leave your arms free.

Keep the circulation going

Walk lunges, squats, and low impact jumping jacks or even marching on the spot will help keep up your circulation. Stretch your arms above your head and move your torso from side to side bending yourself at the waist. Change your position frequently to free up the leg muscles. Some people even recommend sitting cross legged or in a lotus position for short periods while sitting at the desk. Press the hands together in a Namaste position and press together till you feel it in your arms.

Do these stretches and simple exercises whenever you have a spare minute. Incorporate these into your daily activities; make them a habit and you will find yourself getting that little bit fitter and feeling less fatigued and stiff at the end of the day.

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Monday, August 4, 2014

Back to School Tips for Parents

Getting back to school or college to start a new academic year can be a considerable expense. It can also be confusing to decide exactly what to buy and how to make the transition from vacation to school day. We hope to make things a little easier for you with the help of some of our tips and recommendations for getting back to school:

Plan ahead

It’s a good idea to do your shopping in advance for school and college reopening. This way you have enough time to find out exactly what’s required and what is already available in the house. Planning ahead will also help avoid a last minute panic and rushing to buy things that were left out. So make a list, check it twice and get organized for back to school shopping.

Check your home for what you can find

There may be books and stationery lying around the house that your child may be able to use for their school or college work. There may not be any need to make certain purchases.

Don’t buy into trends

We’re talking kids and teens here, so this is easier said than done. Your child is going to want the coolest new looks that the other kids are sporting. You may want to gently suggest to your child that buying the latest trends may not be the best idea, because the clothes will look outdated soon. Instead opt for timeless classics that will look cool later as well. Opt mainly for the essentials.  Also, check if the school or college has dress guidelines and conform to those.

Take the time and shop together

Rather than letting older kids shop by themselves, accompany them so that you can guide them towards the essentials and away from the more frivolous stuff.

Tip: give in to a few of the more reasonable frivolous demands if you don’t want a rebellion on your hands.

Get back on schedule

Vacations tend to throw regular schedules off kilter. So get your child used to a regular bedtime and wake-up times, as well as meal times, ahead of the first day of school to make the transition from vacation to workday easier.

Check the sales and tax holidays

Some states offer tax holidays on several back to school supplies. So prices for a lot of these items are typically lower during these times. Retail outlets, as well as online stores, also have special discounts and sales at this time. So take advantage of these special offers.
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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Extreme Makeover: TomatoInk's New Website Announcement

One of these days, you may check www.TomatoInk.com and realize that you landed on a totally different website. Keep calm and say hello to the new and improved TomatoInk homepage!

New TomatoInk Website

As your leading ink & toner provider, we want to improve user experience and make your shopping a lot easier and faster. We’ve taken the time to review your feedback, from the surveys you submitted, and managed to design a website purely based on the information you provided. Here’s what you can look forward to in our new website:
  • Better mobile compatibility
  • Improved accessibility for all users
  • A well planned information architecture for easy navigation
  • A well-formatted content that is easy to scan
  • Faster Load Times
  • Consistent browser compatibility
  • Better error handling
  • An appealing color scheme
  • Overall, a much more engaging site
Within the past year TomatoInk has grown tremendously, thanks to the support of our loyal customers. We want to make sure we continue to give you our best, not only in money-saving products but also in high quality service. With a sense of commitment to maintaining our 99.9% customer satisfaction rate, look forward to a new and improved TomatoInk.com. Check out the screenshots below for a sneak peek of the new website:

New TomatoInk WebsiteNew TomatoInk Website