Wednesday, February 25, 2015

How to Save Money with DIY Canvas Prints

diy canvas print
Colorful Canvas Print (Via Mae Chevrette)
 We have become a nation of photographers. Armed with our camera phones as we are at all times, we tend to take pictures of anything and at any time. It could be a lovely sunset, a stark urbanscape, a stunningly beautiful single rose, a baby’s adorably quizzical expression, interesting graffiti… anything really. When you capture a super shot, it doesn’t need to remain in your camera. You can create canvas prints easily and inexpensively right in your own home. These special images can become your wall art or can transform into a thoughtful gift.

You could order photo canvas prints online; there are services that will do this for you either with their own stock pictures or your photographs. But you can do this at home without much difficulty. You can create professional looking canvas prints using your trusty home printer and a few craft supplies.

In this DIY tutorial, we tell you how to. You can create a series of canvases – the five best pictures of your child growing up or the most spectacular images from your exotic holiday for instance. Or you can create a jigsaw/grid out of one image to create wall art of larger dimensions - here you print out one part of the image on each separate canvas and then put them all up in way that creates a whole picture.

What You Need for Your Canvas Printing

•    Pieces of canvas (you could get just the canvas which you can frame or have mounted, or you can get ready mounted canvas boards)
•    Printing paper
•    Paint brushes
•    Scissors or craft knife
•    Mod Podge (All-in-one glue and sealer; dries clear, is non toxic and is easy to clean up)

Sourcing Supplies to Create Cheap Canvas Prints

You can source supplies to create your DIY canvas wall art quite cheaply from places such as the Dollar Store or the Dollar Tree; any place that sells low-cost art and craft supplies. You could source Mod Podge, canvas sheets and other craft supplies quite cheaply online as well; Amazon tends to have a selection of highly economical options.

For cheap printing paper and ink cartridges you need look no further than Whether you have an Epson, HP, Brother, Canon, Dell or practically any other brand of printer; you will find some of the most economical compatible ink cartridges here. Search by brand or by printer model number to find the right match. You could save up to 80% on your purchases and you also have the option of buying earth friendly remanufactured cartridges.

How to Create Your Own Canvas Prints

The first thing is to select your images with care. The images should be large enough and be of a resolution to facilitate prints of the size you need. You can edit images, sharpen colors and contrast, add interesting filters and even transform color images into monochrome or sepia.

diy canvas prints
Transfer Image onto Canvas (Via: BHG)
If you plan to do a grid or jigsaw of printed canvases  to create one larger image, use image tiling or splitting software (you can specify the number of images you want) such as Rasterbator or any other wall art generator.

Take your photo printouts using your printer's best quality print setting. Use border-less printing if that option is available in your printer, so you don’t need to cut and trim your image. Ensure that the canvas surface is clean and smooth; if not use a bit of sandpaper to smooth it out. Now using a brush, apply a coating of Mod Podge to the canvas surface and then overlay this with your image printout. Smooth the surface with a spatula or similar flat implement. Wait for this to dry and then if there are any overlapping bits of paper of the sides of your canvas, trim them. Now position your canvas wall art where everyone can admire it! 

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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

DIY Pinterest Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

DIY Print Projects for Valentine's Day
For all those who believe that Valentine’s Day is about showing how much you care rather than about how big expensive your gift is, this DIY post is going to be very interesting. Now is the time to get together a few things from around the house and to put on your thinking cap to make fun, thoughtful, and memorable gifts or keepsakes for this special day of love. Here are some DIY Pinterest Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day:

The ‘I Love You’ Banner 

Don’t cringe yet! It doesn’t have to say only ‘I love you’ and it doesn’t have to be bright red either. It can say anything that you truly feel and want to convey and it can be as sober as you want it to be. Take photo paper or stiff card paper sheets of the same size and use your home printer to print out one letter on each of the sheets.

So if you're saying ‘I Love You’ you need eight sheets, and so on. You could even take bigger sheets and put one word instead of a single letter on each of them – so if you're saying “You're My Reason for Living” you need 5 sheets. You can now string these together or join them together to make a banner.

Valentine's Day Love Printed Banner
Via TheHappyScrapsGuestBook

Matching T-Shirts

They could be schmaltzy as you want or as pert and tongue in cheek as you want. So pick images and text to go along with it; look for cute his and hers motifs. Last year we had the idea to do an Anti Valentine Day t shirt post. You can use the same procedure to create matching Valentine's Day t shirts for him and her as well this year. You can actually do this at home with your printer, t shirt transfer papers, parchment paper, an iron, and of course t shirts.

A Collage of Your Pictures 

Create wall art from a bunch of pictures specially picked and printed for the occasion. Or print out a few special pictures (a series of pictures representing a story of your relationship could be a good idea) and have them mounted or framed. Since you're printing the pictures at home, you could add some text and messages that help to convey your emotions as well.

And there is no reason to limit gifting a picture collage only to your significant other – grandparents would adore such a collage of their grandchildren, the doting aunt would love a collage that featured the extended family and so on. This can be a great gift even for a BFF – a sort of pictorial history of the friendship!
Other Valentine’s Day Printables

You could also print out Valentine’s Day greetings for the special love of your life, a friend or any family member as well. You can also print out cute bookmarks that say something cute or have a special photo or image. (How about a cute little owl motif along with the words, “Owl be yours forever” or “owl be my BFF forever” … you get the drift).

diy black and white printed photo collage
Via DIYAdventures
So what do you plan to do this Valentine’s Day? Are you going to proudly announce your single status to the world or proclaim your love from the rooftops? And what innovative plan do you have for this? We’d love to hear about any DIY Valentine Day ideas that you’d like to share with us. (We don’t mind if you tell us what you did last Valentine's Day either!). Meanwhile you may want to subscribe to our newsletter or connect to us over Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest so that you know all about future posts and discounted deals.

Monday, February 2, 2015

Learn Why TomatoInk's Logo Design Changed - February 2015

tomatoink logo design
You might have missed it, but our TomatoInk team has recently updated our logo design to reflect a key national observance in February that helps saves lives every year. Read on to find out why our logo design this month encourages you to be hale and hearty.

TomatoInk February Logo Design

We at TomatoInk have embarked to join the national movement against cardiovascular disease (CVD). During the weekend, we updated our company logo as a symbol of this by adding hearts since common CVD symptoms are heart disease and strokes. We hope to help save hearts, or at last spread awareness about American Heart Month, with this updated company logo.

If you have heart-healthy tips, share with them us and other readers below!